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Success With Fuchsias

Garden Know How

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En innføring i dyrkning av fuchsia med over 300 fargefotos. Tips om stell og valg av typer til ulik bruk. Tips om design og hvordan man får til Fuchsia i ulike miljøer som blomsterbed, hengende i kasser eller som busker eller hekkplanter.
Forlag/produsentAnness Publishing
ForfatterCooke, B.
Antall sider98s
Fotos - illustrasjoner300 fargefotos

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  • The complete handy guide to gardening with fuchsias and how to get fabulous results in every kind of garden

  • Design ideas for using fuchsias as bedding plants, as hedges, and in hanging baskets, window boxes and other containers

  • Practical advice on choosing fuchsias and fuchsia cultivation and care, including potting, watering and feeding, propagation and pruning

  • Special techniques on shaping and training fuchsias into bushes, hoops and standards

  • Includes a glorious gallery of fuchsias for identification and inspiration, with dozens of types to suit your own taste, garden conditions and locations

  • Over 300 stunning colour photographs, with step-by-step images of all the techniques

Fuchsias are among the most popular garden plants grown today. They are loved for their abundant, graceful bell-like flowers and the staggering array of colours, shapes and sizes. The ease with which fuchsia plants can be propagated and grown is a bonus for any gardener, as is their ability to flourish in all kinds of garden conditions - as bushes planted in beds or in pots, in baskets with weeping growth, or as elegant standards.

The book is both an invaluable reference for choosing fuchsias and a practical guide to caring for and displaying them. It begins with a comprehensive look at the species fuchsia and the suitability of fuchsia types for different planting arrangements. There is a comprehensive gallery of fuchsias for identification, with details on where and how they are best grown.

The second section on growing first provides guidance on starting a fuchsia collection: from seeds, nursery or mail order plants, cuttings and hybridization. Then it describes all the essential techniques for caring for your fuchsias, such as potting-on, over-wintering, pruning and training. Detailed step-by-step instructional photography ensures that the instructions are easy to follow.

There is a wealth of step-by-step planting projects to inspire you, ranging from foliage displays to colourful medleys with other plants in borders and all kinds of containers.

With over 300 photographs, this is the perfect companion, both for beginners who want to start cultivation, and for experienced fuchsia enthusiasts.

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