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Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation. Second edition

Pris: 682
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Første sammenfattende oversikt over humlenes verden på 25 år.
ForfatterGoulson, D.
Antall sider336s
Fotos - illustrasjoner8s f-pl.,50 illus.

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Forlagets egen presentasjon:


Bumblebees are familiar and charismatic insects, occurring throughout much of the world. They are increasingly being used as a model organism for studying a wide range of ecological and behavioural concepts, such as social organization, optimal foraging theories, host-parasite interactions, and pollination. Recently they have become a focus for conservationists due to mounting evidence of range contractions and catastrophic extinctions with some species disappearing from entire continents (e.g. in North America). Only by improving our understanding of their ecology can we devise sensible plans to conserve them. The role of bumblebees as invasive species (e.g. Bombus terrestris in Japan) has also become topical with the growing trade in commercial bumblebee nests for tomato pollination leading to establishment of non-native bumblebees in a number of countries.

Since the publication of the first edition of the book, there have been hundreds of research papers published on bumblebees. There is clearly a continuing need for an affordable, well-illustrated, and appealing text that makes accessible all of the major advances in understanding of the behaviour and ecology of bumblebees that have been made in the last 30 years.


Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Thermoregulation
Chapter 3 Social Organisation and Conflict
Chapter 4 Finding a Mate
Chapter 5 Natural Enemies
Chapter 6 Foraging Economics
Chapter 7 Exploitation of Patchy Resources
Chapter 8 Choice of Flower Species
Chapter 9 Intraspecific Floral Choices
Chapter 10 Foraging Cues Gained from Other Bees
Chapter 11 Competition and Niche Differentiation in Bumblebee Communities
Chapter 12 Bumblebees as Pollinators
Chapter 13 Conservation
Chapter 14 Bumblebees Abroad; Effects of Introduced Bees

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