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Danmarks dyreliv vol. 4.      Utgått 

Nordeuropas prydvinger

Tilgjengelighet: Utgått vare
Oecophorid Moths. En meget flott og nødvendig serie for alle som befatter seg med nøyaktig bestemmelse av nordiske insekter på et høyt nivå.
ForfatterPalm, L.
Antall sider247s
Fotos - illustrasjoner8 f-plansjer, 213 fig., kart

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Forlagets egne opplsyninger

Volume 4 of the series "Animal Life of Denmark" is treating the North European species of the family Oecophoridae, which means all species known from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Poland, Northern Germany as far south as the Harzen Mountains, and Holland. This book with its many illustrations and extensive text makes the Oecophoridae just as easy to work with as most groups of Macrolepidoptera. In all parts of Europe the book will be most useable because no book on this family has been published for decades. The colour plates are excellent and of such a quality, that many species can be identified from the plates alone. In the systematic part of the book, the text is presented in three headings: Description, Distribution, and Bionomy. The part on bionomy explains the habitat of the species, how to find the species, flight period, description of the larva and how it lives including foodplant or foodplants. The text is supplemented with 213 text figures showing much enlarged photographs of wing patterns and genitalia of many species. Furthermore the text part also includes approx. 200 distribution maps. By each species a short summary in English is given. The bibliography mentions 398 titles. 247 pages. 8 colour plates. 213 text figures. Distribution maps and English summary to each species.


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