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Amphibians of Europe, North Africa & the Middle East

A Photographic Guide

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Amphibians of Europe, North Africa & the Middle East er en fotoguide til alle 138 amfibier funnet i vestpalearctic.
Forlag/produsentBloomsbury Publishing
ForfatterDufresnes, C., Perrin, N.
Antall sider224s
Fotos - illustrasjoner400 f-foto, f-kart

Packed with outstanding photographs, this practical, compact yet comprehensive reference is the definitive guide to all 138 amphibian species found in the Western Palearctic.

From familiar frogs and toads to exotic salamanders and newts, the author's detailed text describes each species' appearance, habitat and behaviour, and includes useful information on their classifications, ecology and life cycles. Grouped by families for ease of use, each species account includes an accurate distribution map and colour photographs annotated with crucial details to help swiftly identify species in the field.

Written by field biologist Christophe Dufresnes, this is the ultimate photographic guide for amateurs and expert herpetologists alike.

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