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The Mammals of Costa Rica

A Natural History and Field Guide

Pris: 291
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Tilgjengelighet: 2-4 ukers leveringstid
Felthåndbok som dekker Costa Ricas pattedyr med kjennetegn, beskrivelse, illustrasjoner og utbredelse.
Forlag/produsentCornell University Press
ForfatterMark Wainwright
Antall sider296s
Fotos - illustrasjoner125 kart, 9 tegn, 144 halftone, 279 farge illustrations

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Fra forlagets hjemmeside:

From the raucous mantled howler monkeys and the charismatic white-nosed coatis to the elusive jaguar, The Mammals of Costa Rica offers authoritative accounts of the fascinating creatures of the neotropics. With more than four hundred spectacular illustrations and a wealth of detailed information drawn from firsthand observation, new research, and synthesis of the scientific literature, this book describes all of Costa Rica's readily identifiable terrestrial and freshwater mammals. The clear and entertaining text is perfectly suited to meet the needs of naturalists, students, and researchers, as well as both experienced and first-time visitors to Costa Rica and the American tropics.

The mammal descriptions include key identification features, range maps, vocalizations, local folklore and mythology, and comprehensive information about natural history and conservation. The color illustrations show not only the mammals themselves but also their tracks, foods, and skulls. Also included are illustrations of numerous other animals and plants with which the mammals have close ecological links. By presenting mammals in a broader context, The Mammals of Costa Rica provides an entry point into a general study of tropical ecology and conservation.


"Entertaining, clear, and fact-filled . . . . Containing an incredible wealth of information, this book is an excellent reference for serious naturalists, tour guides, educators, and researchers who teach or work in the tropics."--Journal of Mammalogy
"The Mammals of Costa Rica is an extremely useful and comprehensive guide to the mammal species of Costa Rica, one of the most important countries for conservation in the Americas today. This book goes beyond the realm of normal field guides, providing detailed scientific information as well as the conservation status of particular species."--Alan Rabinowitz, Wildlife Conservation Society

About the Author

Mark Wainwright is a nature guide and instructor for tropical ecology courses in Costa Rica. Oscar Arias is the current President of Costa Rica and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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