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Bat Calls of Britain and Europe      Nyhet! 

A Guide to Species Identification

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Tilgjengelighet: Leveres omgående etter utgivelse
Bat Calls of Britain and Europe er en omfattende guide til lyden av de 44 flaggermusartene som forekommer i Europa.
Forlag/produsentPelagic Publishing
ForfatterRuss, J.
Antall sider472s
Fotos - illustrasjoner700 figurer

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Leverandørens informasjon

A comprehensive guide to the calls of the 44 species of bat currently known to occur in Europe. Following on from the popular British Bat Calls by Jon Russ, this new book draws on the expertise of more than forty specialist authors to substantially update all sections, further expanding the volume to include sound analysis and species identification of all European bats.

Aimed at volunteers and professional alike, topics include the basics of sound, echolocation in bats, an introduction to acoustic communication, equipment used and call analysis. For each species, detailed information is given on distribution, emergence, flight and foraging behaviour, habitat, echolocation calls – including parameters of common measurements – and social calls.

Calls are described for both heterodyne and time expansion/full spectrum systems. A simple but complete echolocation guide to all species is provided for beginners, allowing them to analyse call sequences and arrive at the most likely species or group. The book also includes access to a downloadable library of over 450 calls presented as sonograms in the species sections.

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