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Birds of Cambodia

Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides Collection

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Felthåndbok til fuglene i Kambodsja. Alle artene i området er illustrert i alle drakter. Tekst og utbredelseskart for alle arter.
Forlag/produsentLynx Edicions
Antall sider288s
Fotos - illustrasjonerfargeplansjer, kart
SerieLynx and BirdLife International Field Guides Collection

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Fra forlagets hjemmeside:

Sandwiched principally between its better-known neighbours of Thailand, to the north and west, and Vietnam, to the east, the relatively small and comparatively low-lying country of Cambodia is dominated by the vast combined floodplains of the Tonle Sap (or Great Lake) and lower Mekong River. Unsurprisingly then, its principal attraction for birdwatchers is a suite of exceptionally scarce birds associated with wetlands and grasslands. Spearheading the list are the iconic Giant and White-shouldered Ibises, both of which are Critically Endangered, and a trio of almost equally rare vultures, including the iconic Red-headed Vulture. These rarities are the subject of an ongoing international conservation effort. The supporting cast includes Bengal Florican (also Critically Endangered), Sarus Crane (Vulnerable) and Mekong Wagtail (Near Threatened). Despite boasting just two endemic species, Cambodian Laughingthrush and the very recently described Cambodian Tailorbird, the latter’s discovery in the environs of the country’s capital Phnom Penh perhaps more than anything epitomises the potential to make cutting-edge ornithological findings in this still relatively under-explored nation. This field guide offers the perfect introduction to the country’s varied avifauna.

  • Taxonomy follows the HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World.
  • Detailed texts covering status, habitat and behaviour, age, sex and geographical variation, voice, and confusion species.
  • Almost 1400 illustrations covering all species and distinctive subspecies, birds in flight, males and females, juveniles and non-breeding plumages, where appropriate.
  • QR code for each species, linking to the Internet Bird Collection gallery of photos, videos and sounds.
  • Close to 600 full-colour range maps for all species other than vagrants.
  • Well-marked subspecies groups receive full accounts, and the distributions of subspecies breeding in the region are clearly mapped.
  • Local species names included.
  • 629 species; 17 endemics or near-endemics, 1 introduced, 52 vagrants.
  • Almost 1400 illustrations and c. 600 distribution maps.

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